Expedition Gin – CANADA

Last year (2018) I went overlanding Eastern Canada for 2 months in hope of finding botanicals that would let me interpret my vision of Canadian terroir in a Gin. I went straight to Nova Scotia to immerse myself in the coastal atmosphere and after a little bit of wandering, I took the ferry to Newfoundland where I was eager to go back. I spent a whole month there and was able to find 2 out of the 6 types of juniper berries growing in Canada; the Juniperus Horizontalis and the Juniperus Chinensis. They both grow on the shores, usually on dry rocky ground and lay flat. The Horizontalis yields small earthy berries and the Chinensis chunky fruity berries. I foraged 25 kg of juniper berries, it was cold, my back was hurting, I was living in my car without heat, into the wild, but it was all worth it! After that, I drove up north to take the ferry to Labrador. Once I was there, I started foraging anything piny I could find: cones, branches, sap, bark before to go back to Québec.

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